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Asked Questions

Get A Cash Offer For Your Land

Tell Us About Your Land

    What county and state is the property located in

    Are you negotiable on your offer price?

    While we strive to offer competitive prices, our business model requires us to be selective in our investments. To reconsider our current offer, please share any additional information that could enhance the property’s value. However, if obtaining full retail value is your primary goal, partnering with a local real estate agent with strong marketing expertise may be a better fit.

    It’s important to remember that, especially at retail prices, land sales often require patience to find the right buyer.

    Are you really able to buy my property with cash?

    While we use the industry term “cash” for simplicity, the actual payment will be facilitated by a title/attorney/escrow company. This trusted third party will handle the transaction paperwork and securely disburse funds to you via wire transfer, check, or cashier’s check at closing, according to your preference. Please note that physical cash will not be used in the transaction.

    Can I sell the property As-is?

    You are selling the property to us “as-is,” meaning we’ll acquire it in its current condition. We appreciate any information you possess about the property, even if it’s limited. We’ll ask some basic questions, but understand if you have no prior knowledge.

    Please rest assured: we don’t require any pre-sale improvements. We acknowledge the “as-is” nature of the purchase.

    How do I accept the offer I received for my property?

    To accept our offer, simply sign and return the purchase agreement through your preferred method: email, text, or mail. We can also send you an electronic copy for e-signing.

    A quick call to confirm your acceptance is appreciated, allowing us to promptly receive and process the agreement.

    For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

    How fast can we close?

    We aim for a swift closing, usually within 14-30 days, facilitated by a reputable title company or attorney chosen by us. While occasional delays due to title searches are possible, our partners are committed to efficient processing. Rest assured, we are eager to finalize the transaction as soon as the paperwork is complete.

    I have never been to the land. Will you still buy it if I don’t know anything about it?

    Yes we will buy your property if you’ve never been to the land or know nothing about it. In fact, this is a pretty common situation.

    We do all of our own research on the properties we buy.

    There is no need for you to provide any specific information to us about the property.

    We’ll take care of it all.

    I own other properties too. Will you consider buying them as well?

    Yes, we are definitely interested in buying your other properties. Please call or email us with the details and we’ll get back to you with an offer.

    We’re buying as many properties as we can in your area as well as in other areas throughout the country. If you have multiple properties you want to sell, let’s talk and see if we can work out a deal to buy all of them at once.

    Is Ofan Realty a Scam?

    Ofan Realty is a reputable land development and investment company, established and experienced in acquiring hundreds of properties annually.

    While our methods may differ from the traditional approach, we pride ourselves on professionalism, integrity, and transparency.

    We are direct buyers, utilizing solely our own funds, and facilitate all transactions through reputable title companies and attorneys, ensuring a secure and smooth process for all parties involved.

    Our mission is to provide a simple and efficient solution for landowners seeking a swift and hassle-free sales experience.